Twitter changed my life

I know, it sounds like a bad thing to say but it’s true so I’m not ashamed of exposing my love for this microblogging service, even though I’ve read many negative articles about it.

First of all, I don’t get why someone would hate Twitter. Yes, you only have 140 characters but as silly as it may seem, sharing these extra-tiny thoughts help you improve your writing and editing skills. As the one and only @coppyblogger once said, Twitter makes you a better writer by forcing you to be concise while improving your vocabulary. The cherry on top would be that all this hassle is nothing but fun in my world.

Twitter changed my life the day I decided to open an account with my real name on front. It was a huge step for me, first because I’m from a generation of ICQ/mIRC users who felt more like a nickname than as a person, and second because I’ve been hidden, feeling there’s nothing else I could add to the Internet that wasn’t there already, and audience members have no name. But I knew joining Twitter was step one in my plan of giving social media a try, and I also knew using my name was a must if I was going to use this new tool to build my personal brand.

I remember feeling alone during the first couple of weeks, surrounded by all those social media experts sharing their “10 tips for being amazing in whatever you do” and only replying to users with a large number of followers. The “Social Media World” could be a hostile place… My best shot was to read all of those articles on “how to be awesome on Twitter” and learn about the etiquette, the rules, the engagement, the influence.

Frankly, it was boring, so I just started sharing everything I wanted to share, mentioning every writer I enjoyed reading and every nice person I’ve found within a comments section. Suddenly my followers started to show up, and I realized the reason why I wasn’t alone anymore was that I wasn’t trying to “make Twitter work”, I was just being me. There’s no formula, no 10 tips; there’s just one rule: be yourself. If you don’t care about something, don’t even bother trying to make me care about it.

Nowadays I’m an active member of many social networks and I don’t get tired of sharing/reading/commenting because every online community is different from the others. You wouldn’t imagine how much I’ve learnt while hanging out in, or all the great conversations I’ve had on Facebook. And none of that would have been possible if it weren’t for my little “Twitter experiment”. Truth is that throwing myself into the unknown and interacting with others has gotten easier: it’s just a matter of finding those interests you share with each other, and exploding the natural connection.

This is a wonderful time, after all these years online we’re finally connecting to each other. We’re opening up and sharing our fears and ideas with whoever is on the other side. We are together for the first time in a long time. It takes a person to get a person, and Twitter made me realize we’re not lost in translation.

12 thoughts on “Twitter changed my life

  1. Since we met through Twitter, it seems appropriate to leave you a note here on this particular post. Look at you, you started your blog! Good for you. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts here (love the title). And happy to have become friends with you! Enjoy your writing. And I agree – Twitter changed my life for the better as well. Say Hi to your hubby for me. : )

    • Thank you so much for your support, Carolyn! It means a lot having you here, reading my blog, because you’ve been an influence to me since your first post at The Urban Times. I’m really happy to have met you, and Twitter has everything to do with that :) On another news, you were in my dreams last night: we were a small group of individuals (architects, programmers, biologists, me -I don’t know what I was doing there-) and we were discussing about “our next move”, apparently we were about to change the world.

  2. Gisele, so glad to see you have a blog now! Now its my turn to comment and share your post. No pressure! :P

    Glad to read about your journey on twitter, and you’re right. “Being you” is the best advice one can give, also I’m not a fan of “social media experts” who only choose to respond to people with big followers. I think without the little guys, they don’t matter LoL! Well thats just me!

    Anyway I’m so glad our path crossed as I can tell that you’re really passionate and love what you do! You also engage with so many and never fail to praise someone else for their work which not many are doing out there.

    I love twitter for one reason! To be able to connect with likeminded people like you! Glad I joined twitter despite not knowing what it was 3 years ago.

    • It’s surreal to be replying to your comment in my blog, Aaron! I’ve been flirting with the idea of blogging for too long but this tiny voice inside my head kept saying I didn’t have anything relevant to say. I’m glad that self-imposed censorship period is over because I wanted to join you guys, and start changing the world one social media campaign at the time :)

      You’ll just have to be patient, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off the way I’d like to, but I promise my posts will get better over time. It’s the first time I blog about something I care that much, so I’ll do my best!

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