A link to a link to some more links

I haven’t been blogging lately and I’m very sorry about that. My Writer is filled with many blog posts that I’ve abandoned half way through because I didn’t make the time to sit down and keep on writing.

The good thing is that in the last couple of months I’ve been featured in other blogs and really cool sites, so I’m here to let you know about that. I’ve added a new section called Also featured here! where I will be leaving those guest posts and interviews so that you can read them.

You’ll find a lovely interview with the even lovelier Tracy Podell from Chill, in which I talked about my relationship with their beautiful video sharing platform. In addition to that, I’ve included a link to my first guest post at Razoo’s blog, and I would recommend you to read it if you’re wondering how could a nonprofit benefit from SEO in order to compete with those organizations with the biggest marketing budgets. And last but not least, my interview with Erin Nelson as part of ExploreB2B‘s ‘Debunking SEO’ series, in which I discussed SEO strategy and content marketing.

My job here is done then. Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts on those links!

One thought on “A link to a link to some more links

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