I hate photographs, unless I’m the one taking them

My name is Gisele Navarro, I’m originally from Buenos Aires and here you have 10 facts about me:

  1. In the last couple years I’ve lived in more than ten different places, and all of them felt like home.

  2. I’ve been self-employed since the day I decided my day job was turning me into a miserable person. Spending more time at home helped me improve my efficiency and multi-tasking skills, and I’m far from miserable now.

  3. I’ve studied music for most of my life (which is not such a long period of time, I know).

  4. I am the perfect pedestrian, meaning any driver and school teacher would be proud of the way in which I handle the streets.

  5. I’ve been browsing the web since I was 9 years old and that might be the reason why online and offline are two sides of one world to me.

  6. I went to a strange school in which they made us feel special and taught us that we can make a difference. So here I am, thinking we are all special and trying to make others realise that we can change the world (thank you, mum).

  7. I care a lot about three things: people, the future, our fantastic planet. Now that I come to think about it, maybe I just care about one thing: life.

  8. I love mixed martial arts. I’ve trained boxing and kick boxing, and can’t wait to get back to the training sessions because I’m positive about the many benefits of MMA: it shapes your body, your character and your respect to others.

  9. I’m a natural born networker; connecting human beings since 1989. Nowadays, I use my superpowers for good as the Head of Outreach for NeoMam Studios.

  10. On December 2010 I decided I had to leave Argentina in hopes of a healthy future. I’ve managed to relocate to Europe thanks to the Internet (and the never-ending resources for expats), A LOT of hard work and determination. 

Ok, so now you know more about me… Do you feel like talking? Shoot me an email.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Gisele. I would love to hear about Berlin. I have been in many cities in Germany and throughout Europe but not Berlin. Sounds like an incredible journey you are on. BTW, I am German by heritage. Talk soon I am sure.

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