Customer Services Training Course – High Speed Training Review

Three months ago I was offered the opportunity to review a course from High Speed Training and I chose their Leadership and Management Course. It was a great experience so I wanted to try one more course, and this time I’ve chosen their customer services training.

High Speed Training LogoHigh Speed Training offers a wide range of online courses on their website, covering topics that range from food hygene and safety to financial services training. As I mentioned on my previous review, they are the perfect choice for someone with limited time, because you have the chance to spread out the course over several sessions.

What can you expect from High Speed Training’s Customer Services Course?

This online course will present you with the tools and information you need to provide exceptional service to customers. The training helped me understand the different types of customers’ expectations, the importance of body language and active listening, the advantages of choosing questioning techniques that fit the customer’s personality and the best approach when responding to customer queries.

customer service joke

High Speed Training online customer services training course is split into 5 modules, with an assessment of 15 questions at the end, and takes less than 2 hours to complete. It is separated into:

1. Introduction to Customer Service

Covering the benefits of excellent internal and external customer service, and the different types of customer expectations. In this module I’ve picked up some great tips for becoming consistently positive in my interactions.

“People may accept that things are not as they would like them to be, however they cannot accept that things are not as they have been told they will be.”

2. Body Language and Active Listening

Introducing body language dos and don’ts including thoughtful gestures, honesty gestures, eye contact, mirroring and active listening.

“It is important to listen with your eyes as well as your ears, to listen to what is not said but felt.”

3. Dealing with Customers

The topics covered in this section are social customer service, types of questioning techniques, customer groupings, negative words and phrases to avoid.

“Social media can increase positive feedback and generate good PR to a larger audience.”

4. Handling Queries and Complaints

Very useful module which focuses on the recommended approaches to use when responding to customer queries.

“Think of yourself as the customer with all their concerns and pressures and then reflect on the issue they have with your organisation.”

5. Evaluating Customer Service

Including advice for measuring success, customer evaluation and receiving feedback.

“Customer service is often more important to a customer than many features of a product/service.”

Who should take this Customer Services Training Course?

The course offers suitable training for:

  • Employees who deal directly with customers.
  • Team leaders who manage customer service in the business.
  • Small business owners who need to improve their knowledge of customer expectations and how to address their queries.
  • Social media managers who are working on the development of a social customer care channel for their clients.

My veredict:

High Speed Training is worth the investment! The design is clean, simple and easy to navigate; the content provides a comprehensive overview of customer care techniques, customer personalities, and positive body language.

If you’re interested in learning more about the online courses designed by High Speed Training, read my previous review.


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