How a single tweet triggered links, mentions & free offline advertising

– Most of you probably don’t know that I’m the person behind some of the social media profiles for the biggest online dating site of them all: eHarmony.
Well, now you know so I can move on with this blog.

This is the story of how I earned organic links, mentions on social media, press coverage and free offline advertising for eHarmony UK after sending out one simple tweet.

Being nice pays off in social life

February is a big month for the dating & relationships sphere as Valentine’s Day attracts singles who are in the search for their better half. After not being able to set up a Promoted Tweets campaign (you have to spend A LOT for Twitter to give you the chance in the UK), I started looking for potential partnerships with dating bloggers and relationship experts. My goal was to promote the upcoming Free Communications Weekend that would run during Valentine’s Day.

In the middle of the hunt for influencers who could help me promote such an event, I received the following tweet:

– Fantastic timing, don’t you think?

I contacted eHarmony right away and asked for permission to help BrightMove Media with the promotion of their Taxi Lovin’ tour, and they were happy with it so I shared the info with our fans:

It took me one tweet to get a sweet thank you note from BrightMove Media. They were so happy to have eHarmony UK helping out that they offered us ad space on top of one of their iconic black cabs… for free! Running a series of promoted tweets would have been nice, but having a beautiful black cab spreading the news about the Free Comm Weekend around London was way better.

Building relationships the right way

After 2 days of exchanging emails with the gals over at eight&four (the digital marketing agency behind BrightMove Media), we had everything in place. On Valentine’s Day I woke up to a photo of our ad and the ‘promotion games’ began:

TaxiLovin Tour - eHarmony UK ad

Our cab was seen in several well-known spots around London, and the mentions started to arrive:

BrightMove Media & eHarmony UK

In addition to offline advertising, some of my favorite relationship experts and bloggers helped me share the news about eHarmony’s Free Comm Weekend:
Relationship & Dating Bloggers
So in the end we had it all: offline advertising targeting our main area of interest via BrightMove Media AND social media promotion targeting our main audience via top influencers within the industry.

You’ve got mail… And links!

The next day I received an email from Marketing Week: they wanted a quote from eHarmony for an article featuring the Taxi Lovin’ Tour and the collaboration between two local businesses. Oh boy, that was unexpected! The article was picked up by several media outlets, as a result the links and mentions were multiplied:

eHarmonyUK in Marketing Week eHarmonyUK Mentions according to Topsy

A few weeks later, other blogs wrote about it, and the count of links and mentions went up one more time.

Give social a chance

So, let’s recap, shall we? One single tweet attracted:
Happiness is a warm tweet

  • Free offline promotion of eHarmony UK‘s Free Communication Weekend during Valentine’s Day on top of one stunning black cab that drove around London during the day.
  • An article on Marketing Week, a leading UK magazine for marketing news, opinion and information.
  • Media coverage by top dating and marketing news outlets, local newspapers and blogs.
  • Over 10 organic links.
  • Over 20 mentions on social media.
  • A long-lasting relationship with BrightMove Media and eight&four.
  • One hell of an experience!

– You may say that the quantities are not that impressive and I would totally understand, but how many links, on average, do you build with one tweet?

BrightMove Media approached other online dating sites with no luck before reaching out to us, they contacted some of eHarmony UK’s top competitors who ignored the tweet and failed to see the opportunity. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting all this to happen out of just one tweet but I didn’t care about it, I just thought that their Taxi Lovin’ campaign was relevant to our audience and that we could easily help them promote it.

I still wonder why the other brands ignored the tweet, could it be possible that it was overlooked as noise? I guess I’ll never know. What I do know is that there’s a danger in automating social media management to the point in which you ignore anything that is not in direct connection to your business/product/service.

Oh, and one more thing: Don’t be afraid of partnering with others.

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