Four important cues for prospecting guest blog opportunities

Last week, Jayson Bagio interviewed me for his “Learning from the expert” series, so I thought of returning the favor by inviting him to contribute a guest post to In Social We Trust. Boy, did I make the right decision!


Guest blogging is in the red zone, we all know now that Matt Cutts and the Google team is digging on it and making sure that no one pull strings on Google using guest posts. This is the challenge for everybody who wants to use guest blogging as their link building method. Take it into a higher level and make sure that your next guest blog counts.

If you already know the common practices involved in blogging as a guest author -I called it 4 pillars of guest blogging on my SEO Philippines presentation-, then the following techniques should increase your proficiency in collecting link prospects for your guest blogging campaign.

1. Set your metrics as high level as possible

One dead-serious problem for SEOs is what metrics to use in order to identify high quality guest posting opportunities. Positioning your content on high quality blogs is always the first priority in guest blogging in order to achieve success.

Get all the MOZ stats that you want from one place (100 URLS per check) using


Again, choosing the best quality website based from metrics like page authority and domain authority can help you a lot. I’m a big fan of SEOmoz, so we use SEOmoz metrics to validate site stats. Though you can also use other metrics like what Ahrefs and MajesticSEO can provide.

Okay what’s next?

In SEOteky, we use SEO Quake in order to go deep in our qualified domains. It’s not necessarily that you use SEO Quake within the search result pages (to avoid that Google captcha). All we do is input our qualified prospect list to SEO Quake domains checker and load the data.

SEO Quake for Link Prospecting Step #1 – Click the SEO Quake icon on your browser and select Check Compare URLS and domains.


SEOQuake for Link Prospecting Step #2 – A box will pop out and that is where you can insert or paste the qualified domains that you have on your list.

Seoquake Linkinfo

SEO Quake for Link Prospecting Step #3 – Grab all the stats by hitting the request all button on the upper right corner of the SEO quake screen. Now you have all the stats, you can also download the data in a CSV to sort things out.

SEO Quake for Link Prospecting

SEO Quake for Link Prospecting Step #4 – When you click the view as CSV you will get a screen like this, copy it and paste it on your excel sheet.


And you will get a screen like this, messed up – LOL!

Excel CSV

Go to Data Tab, select Text To Columns. A box will pop out and choose Delimited, press Next, then tick the Semicolon check box and press Next and Finish.

Excel Data Tab

If you are still lost in fixing your messed up data, you can visit Jason Acidre’s guide to link prospecting with SEO Quake.

At the end, you will get this screen where you can sort out important stats and choose which one passes your quality and standard and which one failed. Sort the list by filtering the Pagerank tab > Largest to Smallest.

Organized data

2. Identifying Social Indicators

Social media is one big indicator of identifying quality web sites. Good websites have good rapport with their Facebook or Twitter community and have a reasonable number in terms of social media engagement. If your target blog doesn’t implement social media or they do implement social media, but no one has pressed that Like or Tweet button – you’ll know that you’re in a secluded place in the net.

Here are some of the tools that I love to use in terms of getting those Social Media details:

SiteSkout of iPullRank – Michael King did an awesome work on this tool and loving the bulk check capability. All you need to do is grab a textwise API in order to work with the tool.


After hitting the Get Results button, wait for a few minutes and you can see the results. The data can be copied and then pasted to an Excel file to sort things easier.

Excel iPullRank offers the same function and has a good environment but without an option for bulk submission, even though it has a multi-URL dashboard. You still need to add each URL.


3. Consider Page Layout Algorithm

Google has been proactive lately on making sure that publishers should only offer high value content and the best possible experience to their readers. They launched a page layout algorithm last January 2012 that devalues poorly designed web pages and updated the said algorithm just last month.

There are publishers who want to monetize their blogs with heavy ads and affiliate programs, thus sacrificing user experience at the same time. Yes, they accept guest blogs since these are a big help for them in terms of content freshness, but you need to be careful about throwing your content on ad junkies like these.

Page Layout

4. Add More to Your Arsenal

Link prospecting is a tedious task indeed, but with a great arsenal of finding guest blogs, you can be more efficient and increase the success of your guest blogging campaign.

I was in Followerwonk and found some people who have the phrase “welcome guest bloggers” in their profiles. And of course, my favorite Ann Smarty is on top of the list.

Followerwonk guest bloggers

And I was off to Twitter to find guest post opportunities:

Guest Bloggers
Looking for guest bloggers
Guest post + Submit
Guest Bloggers + Send
Send Guest Posts

Just play around with Twitter’s advanced search queries and maximize all the opportunities.

In Summary

After keeping these points in check, we should all remember how it is an imperative that we should return the same favor to these high quality blogs— how else but pitching in content that does not only mind the readers’ interest, but also adds substantial value for the blog that hosts the post, too.

About the author:
Jayson Bagio Jayson Bagio is the mind behind SEOteky, an SEO startup from the Philippines that promotes businesses through rock-solid content marketing efforts made through guest blogging and relationship building. Follow him on Twitter.


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