If Facebook were my home, your brand wouldn’t be my guest

If you’re the admin behind Queen’s Facebook Page, “you’re welcome” because I gave you my Like without asking anything in return (Queen is THAT good). But, normaly I don’t give my Likes easily. I pay special attention to what I’m sharing and to where my Likes go. Truth is that I’m constantly checking on the permissions I’ve given to the different apps, my Wall is methodically curated and my contacts are well organized in specific friend lists.

How to get me to Like your Facebook Page

I’m treating Facebook as if it were my house so it’s tidy, minimalist and filled with things that are important to me. It’s not complicated to be featured in my timeline, follow the example of these brands/shops/Pages that have been invited:

The New York Times

When the Timeline came to life, I ran into an article featuring NY Times’ Facebook Page, and I spent the following half an hour wandering around their updates (which cover the paper’s history since their foundation). It was such an interesting trip! My favorite pictures have to be the ones labeled under “Inside The Times”:

NY Times Facebook Page

Under “Life Events” the Times has marked the moment in which they coined the slogan “All the News That’s Fit to Print” along with the time when they first started sending stories by wireless transmission. And who doesn’t love old photos? Specially when you feel the NY Times has opened a door to an intimate space where you can find images showing staffers working by candlelight during the 1977 blackout. It’s engaging stuff!

World Wildlife Fund

When one gives a Like or starts following an organization such as WWF, you’re doing it because you care. And what a better way of showing how much you care about the conservation of nature than helping the WWF out with some of their projects?: World Wildlife Fund Facebook PageI really love the WWF is using their page not only to remind their followers about Earth Day and their current projects, but also for raising awareness instead of just crying out loud for help: they post good news showing us we can make a difference, and give all of us a chance of doing something simple yet meaningful (see above example).

The Corner Perk

In case you’ve never heard of The Corner Perk, here’s a nice article about how their customers buy their own coffee there and also leave money to pay for others’ food and drink. Yes, that is awesome. So I didn’t think twice before giving them my Like on Facebook and I have to say their Timeline always makes me smile for one reason or another. The Corner Perk Facebook PageThe Corner Perk has created a space where to meet with their community and share news, introduce new bartenders, ask for suggestions and much more. Why wouldn’t you help your favorite coffee shop improve if you had the chance to do it?

Glasses Direct

My friend Rhys Orwin once showed me a Facebook Page and said “aren’t they great?”, and truth is they are kind of great. If you take the time to visit their Page, you’ll notice that they are probably announcing the winner of a competition while presenting a new one, as well as helping customers and turning potential clients into happy buyers. Glasses Direct Contests on Facebook Glasses Direct Facebook Page If you’re inspiring your followers to get THIS creative, then you’re certainly doing something right, don’t you think?

I bet brands are having a hard time getting the space to talk to me and tell me more about them. And the ones that have won my Like, well, those are the ones I want in my house. And what about you? Are you letting many brands/companies invade your News Feed with their messages?


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